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Elegant Themes 社區的發展在國外是非常熱絡的,有一群死忠的粉絲設計師,以 Divi 為主軸的發展主題和外掛。

Divi Theme Plugins 這個網站是專門為 Divi 主題創建的每個插件,有的可以免費下載,有的需要付費購買,站長挑出 10 套免費 Divi Plugins 方便會員下載,你也可以到原網站下載。

Divi Theme Plugins 網站:https://www.divithemeplugins.com/

1. J.E.D.I. (Jerry’s Easy Demo Import)

The J.E.D.I. plugin for Divi allows you to Export your Divi website as a Layout Kit Plugin or Child Theme.
Comes as a free (with limited features) and pro version
All you need is one click to package up your website’s demo content for distribution to your customers, for your own use or to sell in the 3rd party Divi marketplace.

J.E.D.I. 教學:https://montereypremier.com/downloads/jedi/ref/8/?campaign=dtl

J.E.D.I. 下載:

2. Divi Slimbuilder

The Divi Slimbuilder plugin allows you to see the section title in the Divi builder without having to collapse the section + various other UI improvements.

Divi Slimbuilder 下載:

3. Content Visibility

The Content Visibility plugins is a free Divi plugin that allows Sections and Modules to be displayed/hidden based on the outcome of a PHP boolean expression.
This plugin is for both the standalone Divi theme (or child themes thereof) or the Divi Builder plugin, versions 2.6 or higher!

Content Visibility 下載:

4. Paypal For Divi

PayPal for Divi adds a PayPal Button module into the Divi page builder tool making it quick and easy to add PayPal Buy Now and Donate buttons to any WordPress page or post built with Divi.

Paypal For Divi 下載:

5. Blog Article card plugin

A free Divi plugin from Elegant Themes that re-styles the blogs grid layout.

Blog Article card plugin 教學:https://www.elegantthemes.com/bl ... le-a-brand-new-look

Blog Article card plugin 下載:

6. Hamburger Menu Styles

Hamburger Menu Styles is a free plugin from Elegant Themes Divi 3.0 countdown to add styling options to the hamburger menu in Divi.

Hamburger Menu Styles 教學:https://www.elegantthemes.com/bl ... mburger-menu-styles

Hamburger Menu Styles 下載:

7. Back to Top

A free plugin from the Divi 3 100 day countdown (Day 29) that activated different customizations for your Divi back to top button.

Back to Top 教學:https://www.elegantthemes.com/bl ... n-styles-animations

Back to Top 下載:

8. Divi Styling for Gravity Forms

Divi Styling for Gravity Forms brings the beauty of Divi to the Power & Logic of Gravity Forms. Simply install the plugin and activate, and your Gravity Forms will look and feel as if they are meant to be there. They will adopt the styling of Divi and respect the customizations you’ve made in the “Theme Customizer”

Divi Styling for Gravity Forms 下載:

9. Divi Extended Columns

Divi Extended Column Layouts is a free plugin from Tortoise It (Sean Barton) and allows your to have 5/6/7/8 column layouts rather than the 4 columns that are available as default in Divi.

Divi Extended Columns 教學:http://www.sean-barton.co.uk/201 ... ayout/#.WKqbKfl95Pb

Divi Extended Columns 下載:

10. Divi Training

The Divi Training plugin for Divi adds the Elegant Themes Divi Documentation videos conveniently in the Divi menu in the WordPress admin. Perfect to help you learn more about Divi right at your fingertips.
The license on this product allows you to install this plugin into as many websites as you wish and it never expires. In order to download this website will create a user account for you so that you can retrieve your downloads whenever you’d like from the convenience of your own account page.

Divi Training 教學:

Divi Training 下載:


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